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How to Cast a Bad Luck Spell on a Group of Hate Crime Committers that have raped gang-banged your mind and tortured you with electronic slow-kill weapons for over 7 years bad luck... CURSES! CURSES ON ALL OF YOU!!!! CURSES Curses curses...... The voodoo queen will see to it that you all experience condensed torture and torment befire you go to hell to be tirmented by satin for eternity 10-25-2000 see 2 c wat they did 2 walt tribe for for over 21 years non-stop. I am talking full blown human torture and full blown attempted murder on walt's person in The los Angeles County for over the last 41 months intensely and non-stop 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at his place of employment in Westwood CA at his home in Sylmar CA and at his girlfriend's home in Tarzana CA!!! see for all the documentation, facts, findings, and conclusions. for more see Thank You. October 25th, 2000 Happy Hallowween 2000 The Witches new-YEAR!!!! HA HA it's tru...


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Looking backward...

History of My Hobby

Some hobbies have a rich history or background. While it's not necessary to know the background in order to enjoy the hobby, it can sometimes enhance the experience. For example, a hobby site about mask making might include some information on this page about the history of masks.

My Background

I might also use this page to describe my own personal history regarding my hobby. For example, if I'm describing boatbuilding, I might mention how I first became interested in boats and how I acquired my skill.